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Yuletide 2016 - Dear Author Letter [Sep. 27th, 2016|06:16 pm]
Shelley's fanfiction


Edited on October 13th, to reflect latest Lethal Weapon episode.

HELLO, you wonderful person, you! Greetings and salutations, and a bazillion thanks! I may not know your name, but I know that you are cool since you like at least one of the things that I love, and I know that you are kind enough to write for a stranger. Yay you! You rock muchly, and I guarantee that your efforts will be appreciated.

Despite the prompts that I wrote in my sign up or that I give here, I'm a big believer in optional details are optional. My first yuletide (a dozen years ago now! Gracious!), I followed a prompt that just wasn't for me because I didn't know about the whole optional thing, and what emerged was the worst story I ever wrote. I keep it around as an abject lesson to myself: 1) don't write anything that goes against my sense of the characters; and 2) stress to any and all future writers that they should never write something for me if they're just not feeling it. It's FINE if your head canon is completely different from mine; if you believe in your story, I'm certain that you can sell it to me.

As for general likes and dislikes, I'm pretty easy. I kind of prefer gen and het, but am usually willing to be sold on slash or femslash if there's a compelling or interesting couple. Mixed threesomes are always welcome if they work within the story. I lean more towards the G and PG range, but will be delighted with a NC-17 story if you feel that your characters want to go there. I'm not really a fan of happy stories about marijuana use or other drugs (though I understand if you have to go there for Eternal Nightcap) or of humiliation humor. I actively dislike stories that have underaged sex or anything with questionable consent issues. I love cross-generational 'ships, but other than that, kinks don't sound all that appealing on Christmas morning and I'd prefer that you pass them by if your story allows you to do so.

Dark Eyes (BFA): I’d love to see what Liv was up to between “Robophobia” and Dark Eyes 2, or perhaps between the Dalek occupation and her placement aboard the exploration ship, or any other time when she’s in peril, and the Doctor is not around. Liv’s badassery increases as the number of fucks she gives decreases, and I adore that about her. The Doctor makes her care, so show me what she’s like when he’s gone and she simply doesn't give a damn.

As a sidenote, I must say that I'm glad that she lost her death sentence at the end of DE 4, but the fact that she has something to live for makes her a bit less fun in Doom Coalition. But if you keep her within the "Dark Eyes" time period, I can't imagine any way I won't adore your story. Just let Liv's sardonic personality take over your story and I promise you that I will be ecstatic.

Whitlams – Eternal Nightcap: I've been fascinated by this album for a couple of years now. Not the backstory of the band members as presented by Wikipedia, but the story presented in the album itself and the characters that live a life beyond their real life counterparts. I've tried to come up with a coherent story as laid out in the songs, but the timeline confuses me, so I've never been able to quite put it together in my head. But perhaps that what Yuletide is for! Btw, I said "any" for the characters because it seems to me like there are several different conflicts in this album, and I'd be delighted with an exploration of any of them.

If you need some specific bunnies, I have a few, but PLEASE don't feel like you need to follow any of them. 1) Two songs are from a different singer. The angry hopelessness of "Where's the Enemy" fits the Charlie presented by the main singer, so perhaps the cover of "Tangled Up in Blue" is also from his point of view. Is that how he met his girl? And what happened between "There's a girl going crazy about you" and "There's no sleepy girl to wrap you in her loving arms"? 2) What exactly was Charlie doing to kill his soul? I know what wikipedia tells me about his real life counterpart, but I'm not especially interested in him. I'm much more interested in your narrative about Charlie. 3) How insane is the Girl from Melbourne! I love her! Why couldn't she and the singer make it work, and how did he fail her? 4) The singer is also wonderful. The line "I'm stoned in a bookshop, sober in a nightclub" presents a rather delightful glimpse at his personality. Despite this, he seems more interested in observing his friends than in himself, which I find really interesting. 5) The last song on the album, "Band on Every Corner," is desperately sad despite the cheerful sound. For someone who seems so invested in all his friends, this strikes me as tragic: "I only play in my room where the filth is familiar and the piano's in tune." How did his friends break him so completely?

Ultimately, I really, really enjoy this album, and I think any fanfic you're able to come up about it would be super fun. I'm very easy on this fandom and would be excited to read anything that strikes you as something that you'd enjoy writing.

Lethal Weapon (tv): Okay, yeah, I don't even know. I was a big fan of the Danny Glover/Mel Gibson series, but the first thing I thought when I heard they were remaking it was, "Really? Given everything we know about police murder that we didn't know back in 1986, who thought this was a good idea? Why would someone make a show glorifying police brutality in the middle of the Black Lives Matter movement?" But then I started seeing trailers, and they mostly seemed focused on Riggs' trauma and Murtaugh's family (always the bits I liked best in the movies), and I found that I couldn't resist nominating it.

I've seen the first four episodes now, and in spite of my fears, I have enjoyed the hell out of all of them. Bad guys shoot people, but good guys engage in Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner type ridiculousness. (The bad guys are still dead, but it feels less real somehow? I told you that I didn't even know.) But mostly, it is as advertised: the story of a wise-cracking dad with a loving family who semi-adopts his broken partner. And this I totally love.

I was totally OT3 with the movies (Roger/Riggs/Trish), but I don't really see the Riggs from the television show having good chemistry with anybody yet. It may become apparent to me later, or it may not, but if some 'ship zings you, I'll follow wherever you want to go. If you'd prefer to have a 'ship free buddy or procedural story, that would be fantastic too! Basically, this show is too new for me to have any strong ideas about it yet, so I'll happily devour whatever you feel like writing. The only thing I ask is that IF you do chance to reference current events (which you totally do not need to do at all!), please make Riggs and Murtaugh at least a little bit woke. No shooting innocent people, no planting guns or making up stories, no protecting killer co-workers, and no bad-mouthing of civil rights issues. I'm interested in the characters, so please don't make me hate them.

Again, with a few bunnies that I hope you'll feel free to ignore: 1) Riggs stays in contact with the expectant mother from "Surf and Turf" and helps her out when the baby is born. 2) We've seen Riggs' father-in-law, but what about the rest of his wife's family? Why aren't they checking on him? Does he have any young nieces or nephews in Los Angeles? Basically, I'd love to see Riggs surrounded by kids. 3) RJ Murtaugh (or perhaps one of Riggs' hypothetical nephews) is racially profiled and the two officers have to deal with their own feelings while sorting things out. 4) I didn't nominate their Captain because I didn't know he'd be interesting, but I'm intrigued that Murtaugh's old partner is now his boss. Do the lines ever get blurred? If new evidence were to come up on an old case, would he be tempted to interfere with Riggs and Murtaugh's investigation? How does he shuffle the budget to pay for all their collateral damage? 5) Another fascinating character that has taken me by surprise is Detective Cruz, the ex-gang member from vice. He seems super interesting, so anything with him could be very cool. 6) Does Trish ever defend a suspect that Roger has arrested? Do they fight about it? Has Roger ever arrested anyone that he suspected was innocent despite the evidence and then asked Trish to defend the guy? Is there any conflict because of their oppositional careers, and if so, how do they work it out?

In the end, Santa, the one thing that will make me happiest is if YOU have fun writing for me. If you twist your view of canon to match mine, you won't have fun writing and that usually shows in the final story. Please, write something that you enjoy and you can feel proud of, and I can just about guarantee that I will adore it. Whatever else you do, don't stress out on my account!

On a side note, I don't use my personal journal at all any more. There's no reason for you to wade through my journal because there will be nothing for you to find for the last several years. (Don't worry. There was no wank and you haven't been assigned a drama queen. I just realized that I needed to pay more attention to my personal life than my on-line one, and the only way I could do that was go cold turkey from my way too incredibly nice f'list. If I had only filled my f'list with mean people, I could have kept it up and ignored everyone. Sadly, fandom is filled with far too many wonderful people, and I have a somewhat addictive personality...) The only current things you'll find on me are recent fanfics, and those are all here in my fanfic journal. I apologize if you were looking forward to the stalking...